On This Day - 14th July 1890: Lime-Green used to describe a colour

So, in tribute to my habit of throwing truly bizarre anniversaries into the mix now and again (shoelaces and bananas spring to mind) today is the 125th anniversary of the first recording of lime-green as a colour. Well what do you know! Isn’t that splendid. 


Limes in a grocery store, Austin, Texas USA December 16, 2006 by photographer Steve Hopson.

However, sadly, despite many efforts at research that is all I can find out about the subject. So instead of getting swathes of information that you can show off to your friends later all you’ve got is this random little one liner. Hey, you never know, slipping it into conversation before you slip off might just give you that added bit of mystique you’ve been craving.

So, here’s to lime green! 125 years old and still as bold and daring as ever. 

© Isla Robertson 2017