Chapter Twelve - The Final Surge

Dagger still held over the final link in the lock Hannah stared down beneath her. Kaspian was inches from the edge of the lava now and he knew it. He was trapped. The mezards were cackling with glee, gloating their victory over their victim. He looked up at her and smiled, shrugging. It was over. Even at death’s door he found a smile. But was it? That annoying, cocky smile reminded her of something. Just before they had left he had told her not to bother with heroics, that they didn't work unless you knew what you were doing. Well she didn’t that was fair enough but he did. And she had a weapon. Standing as tall as she could she drew her sword high above her head and threw it with all her might. It soaring curving high up into the air and arching down to earth straight into Kaspian's outstretched hand. He winked.

Before the Mezards knew what was happening he was upon them, diving through their ranks before they knew they were dead. Hannah wasted no time, plunging her dagger deep down into the final barrier and it was free. In a shower of happiness and relief the Tikas surged out in such numbers that the side of the cage burst open sending them flying down onto the bodies of the mezards. Riding on the waves of the Tikas Hannah flowed back down to earth and dagger in hand rushed after them, dodging the odd Mezard on the way and desperately searching for Kaspian. 

She saw him finally, leading the charge out towards the tunnels and as she raced towards them, he turned and called for her. Together the fled and tumbled through the passageways, rising up towards freedom. He grabbed her hand and pulled her onwards and she felt as light as air. They were through. They had done it. They had won! Feeling fresh air on her face for the first time in days she laughed to the world. And what a world it was. Now, seeing it properly for the first time she could tell why Kaspian's ancestors had wanted it back. Compared to the fiery world they had fled, it was paradise. Trees stretched far as the eye could see, scattered beautifully over the rolling hills that gave way to bubbling waterfalls. The Tikas were bouncing down into it, gabbling with glee till they sounded quite mad. 

“trees stretched far as the eye could see, scattered beautifully over rolling hills”
                                                       - own photo - 

Kaspian came up behind her, pressing his body gently into hers and whispered “I thought I told you not to bring a sword” She turned, retort ready on her lips and found his face much closer that she had expected. He was leaning down towards her, brushing the hair from her face. She closed her eyes, feeling his breath on her face. Bang! Without warning the floor gave way beneath her and she tumbled down into the earth, the promise of the kiss she missed now hundreds of feet above her.  Hitting the floor hard, she skidded back into a horribly familiar tunnel. “Oh come on!” she cried to no one in particular. She was back where she started. The Tunnel to Nowhere and Everywhere. 

To be continued...

© Isla Robertson 2017