The Coffin Race is appearing in the Tron 100 Festival this year on Thursday 22nd June. Tickets can be bought here.

The Coffin Race is set in a 1920s Highland community devastated by ‘the war to end all wars’. It’s a black comedy based on the ancient superstition that the most recently buried spirit must keep watch over the graveyard until the next body arrives. So what happens if two people die at the same time? Well, let the race to the grave begin…

The Coffin Race is a staged radio play with every sound effect from falling coffins and squelching mud to creaking carts and errant sheep created live on stage. Buy your tickets here

Fair Play appeared in the March 2017 evening of Stage to Page  

In Fair Play, Derek and Katie rehearse Derek’s part in a forthcoming trial. Derek’s nervous, Katie’s holding something back. As the clock tickes towards their time, truths are revealed and Derek faces the choice of a lifetime.  

“Superb work from Isla Robertson, Daniella Di Mambro and Jack Dickson” Stage to Page, on Facebook. 

It was a fantastic and stimulating evening and I am currently developing Fair Play into a trilogy of multi-platform work. 

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