Short Stories

I have written a number of short stories a few of which I have shared here and also a story series which I wrote several years ago as an experiment into writing without a plan. It's about a girl called Hannah who gets bored of life and goes on an adventure, find out if she gets more than she bargined for in Follow Her Feet

Short Stories

Mummy the Fairy

The Weird Woman - highly commended by the 1000 word challenge

A Hundred Chaste Cappuccinos

The Edge of Decay

The Tallest Tower

IMG 20150417 165712

Writing on a sunny afternoon

Follow Her Feet

Chapter 1 - I’m going on an adventure

Chapter 2 - The Time Tower

Chapter 3 - The Tunnel to Nowhere and Everywhere

Chapter 4 - Where am I and what on earth is going on?

Chapter 5 - The Climb

Chapter 6 - Mezards and Tikas

Chapter 7 - The Burning Bridge

Chapter 8 - After the Fires

Chapter 9 - Behind the Round Door

Chapter 10 - The Plan

Chapter 11 - The Burning Cage

Chapter 12 - The Final Surge

“...a LavaFall across the cave…Blistering, choking, deathly”                                   
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